The short Guide to Metelkova!

Autonomous Cultural Centre Metelkova City ( is worldwide and at home known as centre of artistic and crafts workshops, political action and independent music, art, comic, sculpture and other arts production. It is recognised as relaxed and inspiring social space, which occurred 15 years ago with the occupation of former Yugoslav military barracks.

Lets take a hike from northern to the southern part to the Square of No Historical Memory.
Along Maistrova street lies a park called Hajlends park. It is some sort of a open air Metelkova kindergarten, which offers a wide range of original games, to our young guests: archaeological site Psevdes II, slide which turns into the dragon at any time, different swings and anchored climbing site Coursed ship.

Take a peek in to the club SOT 24.5, which is run by Association for the Theory and Culture of Handicap ( They organise cinema evenings, exhibitions, lectures and workshops. In the same building there is a club Monokel (, which is place of socialisation, meetings, program planing and promotion of lesbian culture and life stiles. Next door you will find club Tiffany (, where exhibitions, film evenings and debates for gays are organised. It is open occasionally (for example for actions of prevention from AIDS spread, art evenings etc.) and at Fridays and Saturdays by further announcement.

Few steps from Masarykova street entrance is situated Gala hala ( the biggest concert hall in metelkova, which boasts with open air stage. Every year it hosts more than hundred established home and foreign alternative music groups of different genre.

Diverse music program, concerts and DJ evenings and occasional multimedia evenings are organised by Chennel Zero club ( In the club you can visit (literally) The Smallest Gallery.

The Mizzart gallery ( is open daily and every second Friday in a month it will welcome all the fans of trance music.

If you are interested in radical social theory and critics or liberation movements you can borrow diverse literature which is held in the Elf`s library ( situated in former bibliobus-Traveling library. Bibliobus found its last stop in the green oasis behind Pešaki building. Beside comic books, art catalogues and foreign literature it can offer you Slovene literature translated in different languages.

In the middle of Metelkova there lies a wooden house, called Jalla Jalla ( During the day and in the evenings it hosts diverse world music bands and all the lovers of modern dance beats can enjoy it as well.

At the Square of No Historical Memory you can visit club Gromka ( which works from Tuesday to Sunday. It organises music concerts of different genres, DJ and film evenings, lectures, art workshops, theatre plays, stand-up comedies and performances.

The contemporary art lovers can visit the Alkatraz gallery ( It is open every Monday and Tuesday from 17.00 till 20.00 and every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 21.00 till 24.00. The gallery will present you young artists with their experimental works and site specific projects realised in different media.

Under interesting roof construction you will find Menza pri Koritu (, which, in its program, prefers fresh and original music; experimental music, art rock and ethnic music from different countries. The club will offer you DJ and literature evenings, round tables, dance, theatre and occasionally circus performances. During the day Menza pri Koritu Youth Centre has free workshops and Internet for the youth and children and to the local theatre and music groups it offers place to practise.

Above Menza pti Koritu there is [A] Ifoshop (, which is social place for research and development of theory and practise of anarchistic movements. It encourages exchange of information (lectures, debates, meetings, film projections, literature, free Internet) and »free shop«. It is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 18.00 till 21.00.

Heavy metal fans are welcome at Bizarnica at Mariča which is occasionally open.

Hall of fame (the wall between Celica youth hostel - and Metelkova street) is an open air graffiti gallery, which changes from day to day, and even faster from night to night!

AKC Metelkova mesto, Masarykova 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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