Association KUD Mreža
Masarykova 24
1000 Ljubljana

01 434 0345 (telephone)
01 432 3378 (fax) (general info) (Alkatraz gallery) (Red dawns festival)

The Team:

Nataša Serec, president of the association, founder of the youth center Menza pri koritu and the festival Red Dawns, and a cofounder of the residential studio Asylum. She's had an active role at Metelkova mesto since 1993. She's in charge of all the projects of the association.

Nevena Aleksovski, an academic painter and a postgraduate student of Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. She helps around the Alkatraz Gallery and is responsible for children's creativity workshops.

Sebastian Krawczyk is a sociologist and a translator. He helps organizing art exhibitions in the Alkatraz Gallery and is in charge of documenting them as well.

Danijela Zajc is responsible for everything from theory to practice. She's a member of the program team of the Red Dawns feminist and queer festival and a singer in the choir Glasbena matica Lubljana. She majored in Sociology of Culture and Pedagogics at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana.

Uroš Gustinčič studies Philosophy and deals with the internet and computer programming. He's in charge of all the websites connected with the association and creative workshops in acquiring computer skills.

Jadranka Plut, vicepresident of the association and an events manager in the Alkatraz Gallery. She studied art history at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She started working as a curator in 2000 and has had an important role in the field of visual arts at Metelkova mesto ever since. She helps organizing the festival Red Dawns and is in charge of the visual part of the program.

Ana Grobler, an assistant in the Alkatraz Gallery. She's an academic painter and is currently studying art video at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She helps putting up exhibitions and takes care of graphic and visual communication. She's in charge of the visual program of the international feminist and queer festival Red Dawns.

Anna Ehrlemark, a comics artist, an illustrator, and a designer that moves freely between Sweden and Slovenia. She participates in various art projects.


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Web: Anna Ehrlemark, Urška Merc, Uroš Gustinčič, Nataša Serec.
Animation: Mileta Postić
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