Association KUD Mreža was founded in 1995. It has been developing its own painting, sculpture, video and theatre production within Autonomous Cultural Centre Metelkova mesto ever since. The association also organizes cultural events. It organizes youth program and informal education activities as well as the exhibitions in Gallery Alkatraz. It also collaborates with local artists in the Urban Art Projects. Since 2003, KUD Mreža has been managing the renovations of buildings within ACC Metelkova Mesto with the support of Ljubljana City Council. KUD Mreža is also fundraising for many other projects and maintains the ACC Metelkova mesto audio, video and print documentation archive. Since 2000, KUD Mreža has been organising Red Dawns, an annual feminist and queer arts festival.

Association KUD Mreža welcomes new collaboration suggestions! We provide practical help to inexperienced event organisers and offer fundraising help to emerging artists.

Since 2000, KUD Mreža obtains the status of an association working for the public interest in the field of culture.

Studio Asylum

Studio Asylum is located in Ljubljana. It is a part of Autonomous Cultural Centre Metelkova mesto, placed in a building called Hlev. It is used for hosting artists and creators who come here on a work visit (project Artist-in-residence).

Personal–Collective Festival

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The personal aspect of involving oneself in artistic practice is always being shaped also through the collective one. And since especially in a simultaneous group activity such as improvisation the opposite is true as well, the two can't be thought about separately.

This is the presumption on which the festival Personal – Collective, now running for the second year, is founded upon. Its main purpose on one side is the interweaving of the “personal” and the “collective” artistic practice, but also artistic genres on the other. Alongside improvising musicians this time there will also be participants coming from the fields of painting, visual arts, dance, performance, theatre and sound art.

Red Dawns Festival

Since 2000, the international feminist and queer festival Red Dawns (or Rdeče zore) has been taking place in ACC Metelkova mesto venues in Ljubljana and in other Slovenian towns (Murska Sobota, Nova Gorica, Sežana, Koper) on the occasion of March 8th, The International Women’s Day. Red Dawns Festival is a founding member of the Network of Women’s, Feminist and Queer Festivals in the Balkans.

Urban Art Projects

A series of renovations by artists and artisans from ACC Metelkova mesto started in 2004. The renovations include building façades and public spaces (Square Without Historic Memory and the yet to be named square on the North Side) of ACC Metelkova mesto.
Interactive map of the Urban Art Projects

Alkatraz Gallery

Contemporary arts Gallery Alkatraz is run by curator and organiser Jadranka Plut. Located in The Stable, a unique building that is continually remodeled using different art techniques (mosaic, iron construction reminiscent of an installation, etc.). The Gallery has existed since 1996.

Technical description is available on the Alkatraz Gallery website.

ACC Metelkova mesto Archive

KUD Mreža has been archiving materials regarding ACC Metekova mesto history (photos, audio and video recordings, media reports, academic studies, legal documentation, etc.) since the original squatting. We invite all potential archivists to collaborate with us. We need help updating the collection and classifying the materials gathered so far. The latter can be studied in the KUD Mreža office.

Financial Support

Emerging and unestablished artists and artisans are welcome to come by our office and ask for information and advice regarding options for the (co)financing of their projects by various foundations and information about possible cooperation with other artists, festivals – or perhaps with us.

Web: Anna Ehrlemark, Urška Merc, Uroš Gustinčič, Nataša Serec.
Animation: Mileta Postić
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