Andrea Pirovano

Illustrator, graphic designer, musician
London, Great Britain

Work visit: 20. marec–10. junij 2009

Andrea Pirovano lives and works in London. He is active in different creative areas, such as: drawing, caricaturing, he organizes music events and is in charge of child workshops. Since 2005 he is also a performance artist and a member of a band called Pissinboy (

Andrea is interested in independent cultural production, the individuals and groups from music scene. He is inspired by people he meets while organizing an event and therefore includes them in his drawings, flyers, caricatures and wall paintings. This was the reason for his residence in Atelje Azil for he wanted to closely get in touch with AKC Metelkova mesto; to feel its rhythm, see its visitors, active artists, activists, craftsmen, organizers of cultural events, and to comprehend the way Metelkova functions and changes through time.

Andrea dedicated his first half of the residence to familiarize himself with the rhythm of AKC Metelkova mesto and the city of Ljubljana. He observed day and night happenings, helped with the organization of events (especially in Menza pri koritu), enjoyed talking to visitors and daily users of places in Metelkova mesto, and carefully followed the cultural program. On several occasions, he also visited the art centre in Goričko (Art Središče na Goričkem).

In his second half of the residence he concentrated on planning and later fulfilling the wall drawing in Menza pri koritu called “Local caricatures” and the outdoor wall drawing of a rat located on the front building Metelkova 6. To accomplish his goal he used “brainstorming”, sketching, experimenting, etc. Anna Ehrlemark, illustrator and designer, helped and encouraged him during the realization of both drawings.

He spent most of his time in Metelkova mesto surrounded with nonstop happenings, which he observed 24/7 from Atelje Azil. He described his experience as a very intensive yet tricky one.

Watch an interview with Andrea that was made during an abroad project of students from Goucher College from Baltimore, Maryland.

CV in eng.

Web: Anna Ehrlemark, Urška Merc, Uroš Gustinčič, Nataša Serec.
Animation: Mileta Postić
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