Deej Fabyc

Deej Fabyc
Companies Act 2006 :

Residence: 9th - 29th April 2011

Deej Fabyc who has already exhibited an art video in Ljubljana as a part of a group exhibition of the International feminist and queer festival Red Dawns, is now staying in Studio Asylum at Metelkova Mesto as an artist in residence. During this time she will have a lecture and a presentation of her artistic and curatorial work at the Centre for Contemporary Arts SCCA-Ljubljana. In the middle of June 2011, she will return to Ljubljana for a few days to realize a set of performances and an installation as part of her solo exhibition at the Alkatraz Gallery. For the presentation at SCCA - Ljubljana Fabyc will present some stories about her earlier works and ask the audience to engage with her in the current investigation. This lecture is also a call for information connected to her father, Paul Duncan Jones.

Process and research are important for her engaged performance/video presentations. In the case of the work in progress for her forthcoming exhibition at the Alkatraz Gallery she takes as a starting point, the fact that she lived in Ljubjana for a few months as a child. As a child she believed that her father might have been a spy, since he was travelling a lot and worked in several “Eastern Block” countries during the late 60's and 70's. As a consultant statistician for the Tito's administration in 1970 he worked in Ljubljana. It was the only time he brought his family with him on these consultancies. During her stay in Ljubljana in 1970 she was living at the Bellevue Hotel with her family. Her plan is to disclose concealed traces of public and private histories through which we inhabit and see the city. She will trace the childhood memories on a journey taking a path as a cartographer both of her own memory and potential made up details, layering an alternative history onto the city. The search began at the Archive of the Republic of Slovenia, and now continuing further.
The artist’s opus addresses psychological dimension of a personal and political experience of trauma. She is an artist who is fascinated by the resonance of personal histories in the context of a wider public concern and an engagement with social systems. Her work takes up “the personal is political” as read and does not differentiate between art and life. Having worked with large scale performative installations and video in the 1990’s in the last decade she has focused more on film and live engaged performance. Deej Fabyc has exhibited
widely Internationally since the early 1990’s. Key exhibitions include “Dialogue” curated Theo Tegalaars at W139 gallery in Amsterdam, Contempora at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne Australia and the touring exhibition “Don’t Call it Performance” curated by Paco Barragan which premiered at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and concluded at El Museo Del Barrio in New York. She is also committed to exhibiting and working with other artists as part of her practice and produces this through her directorship of Elastic Residence in London since 2004 and as
part of KISSS a group of artists interested in issues concerned with surveilliance. She has curated numerous exhibitions in London and Australia. The artist lives in London, and is the current visiting lecturer in Time Based Media at London Metropolitan University.


Coproduction: Center for Contemporary Arts SCCA-Ljubljana

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