Anna Ehrlemark

Anna Ehrlemark

Residence: 2. 4. - 30 .5.  2012

Anna Ehrlemark is a comic artist, illustrator, writer and traveling salesman on the relation Skredsvik – Ljubljana – Stockholm – Belgrade. She paints and draws with the Croatian comic bandits KOMIKAZE and has worked as a poster designer, anti-waitress and organizer for Kud Mreža and Menza pri Koritu since 2006. From 2012 one of the hands behind the Novo Doba festival in Belgrade and a spider in the Fijuk network of comic artists around the Adriatic sea.

She also does some other things, such as collective performance art together with swedish ÖFA-kollektivet, organizing the queer-feminist festival Red Dawns in Ljubljana and translating thoughts from slavic languages. That's probably not all.

Anna's comics and illustrations have been published by Komikaze (Croatia), Crack (Italy), Stripburger (Slovenia), Galago (Sweden), Zarez (Croatia), Beli Sladoled (Slovenia), Brand (Sweden), Balcanis (Slovenia), Slovenski klasiki (Slovenia), Independent Illustrators Slovenia (Slovenia)… Exhibited in Croatia, France, Slovenia, Italy, Sweden, Serbia and organized as well as participated in many comic workshops across the map.

During her residency in the Asylum studio Anna started working on a graphic novel about the Desperate Rich Old Bitch, Zombie Girl, reality television and biological engineering. Patient fans will finally find out why the bitch is so rich and how television turned Zombie Girl into a flesh-eating monster.

Before the end of her stay Anna also completed a book for an exhibition at Cinema Rex in Belgrade in June. The book The invisible hand has the format 70 x 100 cm, with hard covers, 19 original drawings and is set in Bodini by Hannes Rydell. The Invisible Hand reads like a poem about technology, biology, force and future. Even though it's a bit clumsy to carry around, the book traveled from Novo Doba festival in Belgrade to Škver Art Project in Mali Lošinj and Crack fumetti dirompenti in Rome. After returning to Ljubljana, Anna painted one of the drawings from the book, Two Sisters, on the wall in front of Menza pri koritu.

Web: Anna Ehrlemark, Urška Merc, Uroš Gustinčič, Nataša Serec.
Animation: Mileta Postić
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